A man won’t be able to understand what it means to be a good father if he doesn’t know HIS heavenly Father. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection on our behalf, we can know GOD not only as our Creator but also as our Father.

A man must also have faith in GOD as His Father – that He will love, protect, and provide for him. Dr. Myles Munroe goes on to say that trust and reliance on GOD is what a father needs to model for his children. The greatest heritage a man can leave his sons and daughters is not money or property, but faith. No one can destroy the faith you have instilled in your child.

As men we should have one goal in life and that is to hear our children say ” I serve the GOD of my father” If my children see GOD reflected in me, then I have displayed His life and character to them. By doing this, I have given them a true spiritual heritage.

I have to make it happen.



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  2. i beileve God is our father and the creator i know i am onlt 13 by i believe Jesus will me free

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